“Sunset Grove” Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit


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    $5789.99 Plus Freight

    The “Sunset Grove” Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit by Universal Rocks will bring out the beauty of your pool setting year round by installing this grand waterfall in your swimming pool or large pond. These impressive swimming pool water features allow you to have a cave waterfall of your own. Available in four different heights, you can choose to how much of a splash to make. Crafted from lightweight artificial stone, it is strong, durable, and easy to handle.

    The “Sunset Grove” Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit by Universal Rocks is a Pool Grotto Waterfall and it is truly a show stopper & game changer! The “Sunset Grove” Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit by Universal Rock comes in one piece, plus 2 x side rocks. Originally over 6000 lbs, this extremely realistic & durable copy of the original stone weighs just 300 lbs!! These huge swimming pool water features are lightweight pieces of replicated natural stone create opportunities that would never be possible before. No heavy equipment needed. Limited access areas. Finding giant stones that fit together. Major base support would be needed to place natural or concrete stones this size in most areas. It takes a very skilled contractor to install natural stone or concrete like this, Yes the pieces will support the weight of a 275 lb+ person, HOWEVER WE WOULD NEVER ENDORSE CLIMBING ON THIS . It simply is not safe to do so for a variety of reasons. This is a decorative water feature designed for the eyes and ears, and will hold up to extreme weather conditions including intense sun, freezing & ice coverage, and high winds are not a problem when anchored properly. IT IS NOT A PLAYGROUND STRUCTURE FOR CLIMBING ON. Universal Rocks FAQs